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Tour Guide (Various languages)

Jaisalmer is a historical and heritage city of India. Hiring a professional, proficient and knowledgeable tour guide can help you to get a deep insight of its esteemed culture and heritage. Guides acts as a mediator between tourist and destination. They narrate the stories, legends, anecdotes and other exciting trivia of the site to the tourists. We provide top professional tourist guides who can speak in various languages.



Please contact us for transport charges from Jaisalmer airport, bus and train station to help helping you to reach Jasmin Home without hassle. Jasmin travels can help you travel in Rajasthan. Please contact us for rates to provide pick up and drop from Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Udaipur, Pushkar and Ajmer.


Heritage Walk

The best way to know more about a destination is to take a walk, meet locals, get close to the culture, know their philosophy of life, participate in local rituals and get insight of place through stories, lores and tales.

To offer you a local angle look of vintage Jaisalmer and its heritage monuments, we provide a walking tour of the city with local professional and government approved guides.

History speaks for itself, we just translate the story behind the history.


Jasmin massage

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