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Jasmin Home Food & Dine

Rich tradition recipes of Rajasthan.

Welcome to our restaurant, Nourish your belly and soul. Beautiful tastes and a comfortable space with local ethnic Indian hospitality. The blends and aromas of Indian spices with personalized services to mesmerize your taste buds. Our newly redesigned Spiced Bite Restaurant serves up delectable meals and snacks, each meal cooked to order and served with a sprinkle of magic. We are more than happy to accommodate any specific dietary requirements such lactose/gluten intolerant or vegan-based meals.


Dal Bati Churma

Iconic food of Rajasthan. Wheat flour dough transformed into “bati” added to lentils (dal) with crushed mix of bati (churma). Taste of cultural heritage. Details


Gatte ki Sabji

Well cooked gram flour dumplings, blended with spicy curd gravy, with a touch of typical Jaisalmer flavours of preperations. Details


Kair Sangari Sabji

Desert berries (kair) blended with beans (sangri) and spices of Jaisalmer. Royal yet popular food of Rajasthan, prime dish of Jaisalmer.  Details


Jasmin Home Cooking Classes

Eating is a necessity & cooking is an art. We also offer cooking lessons.

While enjoying your food at Jasmin Home Rooftop restaurant you can also learn recipes and how to prepare typical Rajasthani, Jaisalmer food yourself. Our chef will guide you in process of preparing the exceptional food of Jaisalmer. Learn the art of cooking rich desert food at Jasmin Home Rooftop Restaurant. We request you to please inform us prior to your check in or just 12 hours before. We would love to hear from you, please contact  jasminhomejsm@gmail.com .

Food and Dishes

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